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Combating Toxic Traits in the Workplace
for Stronger Engagement, Retention
and Development

Other than gossiping and micromanaging, what actions do employees
consider to be toxic in the workplace? (The answer may surprise you...)

We surveyed hundreds of employees. Download the report to find
out what toxic traits they experience in the workplace.

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About the report

Toxic workplaces can drain productivity and repel top talent. Our latest study, conducted with Workplace Intelligence, delves into this common issue.

We surveyed 1,600 HR leaders and employees to uncover the root causes and potential solutions for toxic environments.

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35% of employees are willing to take a pay cut for a healthier work environment.

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84% of employees affected by workplace toxicity report a decline in engagement and commitment to their employer, while 79% state a decrease in productivity.

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24% of employees say having opportunities for growth within the organization would reduce toxicity.

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About 1/3 of employees and HR leaders believe that fostering transparency and communication with the workforce would improve the workplace environment.

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