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Unlocking Organizational Success
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Other than a competitive salary, what benefits do employees
expect from employers? (Don't worry! Many of them are free...)

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About the report

It's no surprise that career development is highly desired by employees. But do you know how dependent employee loyalty is on this support?

INTOO partnered with independent research firm Workplace Intelligence to survey 1,600 HR leaders and employees to better understand where the blind spots may be for organizations like yours, especially among Gen Z.

Unlock Success

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Technical Skills

47% of Gen Z say they get better career advice from ChatGPT than their manager.

Likelihood Staying at Company

HR leaders predict that 30% of employees (and an alarming 44% of Gen Z employees) are likely to quit within the next six months due to a lack of support for their career development.

Job Satisfaction

59% of employees say their company “rarely” or “never” helps them explore opportunities for growth outside of their current department.

Mentorship Coaching

74% of employees—and 84% of Gen Z—say L&D opportunities and benefits are “just as” (54%) or “more” (20%) valuable than a promotion or title change.

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